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wildxnights's Journal

19 August
My name is caroline angela-margeret montes. i am 14 and i got to HH(hollywood High) performing arts magnet. i love it there. beca and ian r my bestist friends in the whole wide united states of the universe in any and all lifetimes to come. i have FIVE older brothers, and i love them all very much. three of them r in collage, one is living with us, and one is living on his own with a family. my faverite color is blue, my faverit # is 9, and i have an 11 year old dog named sadie, who is the love of my life. my status is currently available but i am dating people, well one person. What else..... oh yeah, my possy at hollywood is asia, mel, sophia, chatharine, and fernando. yup yup, im pretty sure that is about it. **